Country Brand: Beyond the Logo

Country Brand: Beyond the Logo

A brand looks for being an icon of the communication of a brand’s identity. Through it, values, strategic objectives, mission and vision are transmitted by who makes part of it. A traditional brand has the ability to reinvent itself on short-term through the marketing strategy. However, the country brand is something else. According to Lina Echeverri Cañas, founder and CEO of PaisMarcaOBS, the country brand is “a strategy to strengthen the country reputation on the international markets. generally, it’s confused with a strategy to promote country tourism. The country brand is a something valuable offered for tourists and investors”. Because of this, the national government of Colombia decided on 2012 to change the image. According to Daniel Reyes, communication director of Marca Pais Colombia, this change looked for standing out “the essence and take advantage of the good moment that country is living, to show the world, our potential. 


Some data about the new brand construction are: 


1. The temporary Union between Sancho BBDo and DDB group, made the branding, while the temporary Union between JWT, RepGrey and MEC, made the advertisement campaign. 

2. The budget was of 7000 millions pesos (round 1,75 millons of USD today). It included the logo creation, the brand system, the campaign design, the production of all material, the national and international commercials, the printing material, the the sport and foreign culture sponsorship (El Pais, 2012)

3. The logo design costed 700 millions of pesos (round 175.000 USD)

4. The objective of the logo is to identify the country with the alphabet code ISO CO assigned to the country on 1974. It’s similar to those that identify UK and United States (US) 

5. The estimated investment was 3,8 millions USD on 2013 and 5 millions on 2014, since the brand launching. Just to compare, brands like the one of Ecuador, invested just in the first year 16 millions USD. (El Portafolio, 2017)

The new identity received both critics and supporters since the beginning. Some of them argued the simplicity, the missing of the identity and the similarity with brands like Bahamas and Brazil as well.

However, the new brand is full of color, with creative geometry able to adapt the logo to different messages. This new brand has allowed Colombia to be recognized in the 5th position in the most valuable brand in Latin America list and the 23th position in the world’s list (Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking 2019- 2020). The value of the brand is 254.000 millions of USD in 2018 with the following numbers: 

1. During the first semester of 2019, the direct investment was of 7.272 millions USD con a 60% share of non-energy mining sectors (Mintic, 2018) and closed the 2019 with the highest number on the last 6 years, US$14.493 millions, +28,6% vs 2018.

2. More countries are investing with Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Chile and Germany representing 6% of the total investment.

3. During 2019, Softbank group invested US 1.000 millions in Rappi. Other investments were made similar to the Softbank one, making new jobs, 77.600 in 54 cities in Colombia.

Creative Geometry:
A system transformed according to what we want to communicate.
Logo is made by
geometric figures.
Creative Geometry:
A system transformed according to what we want to communicate.
Logo is made by geometric figures.

There is no doubt that current logo is at the forefront of the digital environment. This is the main reason that branding is important not only for a brand but for a country, it allows the country to be identified through the logo. (country branding)

When we talk about taking advantage of the reputation of a country in international markets, we’re referring to current situation, country branding is a communication strategy not a way to change the real image abroad. This change requires a lot of years and a continuous tracings by the leaders of indicators such as investments, employment, etc. What a new logo can do is to reinforce the good moment of Colombia.

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