Automobile Industry: Branding and web under uncertain times.

Automobile Industry: Branding and web under uncertain times.

Automobile Industry: Branding and web under uncertain times.

The branding and web design, when both are combined are able to change the path of a brand. During these uncertain times, both are key.

Since the beginning of the closing of different industries not only in Colombia but in the world, one of the most affected was the automobile industry. Giants as Renault, Mazda or premium brands such as Audi, closed their factories and sales facilities until accomplishing the biosecurity procedures. this way, how these automobile giants could face this situation through web design and branding?, let’s see:

Markus Duesnmann, the new CEO of Audi; a brand with net income of 3.943 millions of euros (a 13,9% vs 2018), decided to adjust the strategy and protocols of the company due to the closing of the factories. this way, he launched the Artemis project. This looks for creating a high-automated and ecological electric car. where the branding and web development appears?. The brand decided to give the leader team a high-level of freedom, placing to his disposal their unity, that brings all digital services of the Audi AG group. In branding, according to the CEO, “the current electrical initiative is our target”. because of this message, the brand is focusing his message to take care the environment.

Mazda closed the factories because a fall in the sales due to the current situation. Temporary, the Japan, Tailand and Mexican factories, closed, working only partial times during the morning to adjust the measures according to different governments. so, what does company do?

It decided to sale cars online. On April 20, Mazda launches the new platform to reserve Online the models Mazda3 and Mazda CX-30 in Colombia, allowing the customers to pay through PSE and credit cards. Additionally, the website was redesigned looking to bring a better user experience. Here, again, we see the power of branding and web transforming strategies.

The Renault group, changed his strategy looking an emotional one during the current sanitary crisis. In Colombia, using the hashtag #SomosMasFuerte (#wearestronger), company borrowed government the test vehicles to transport the medical team. With this, the company supported similar initiatives like the Renting Colombia one. This new strategy looks for both creating sales and empathy with the customers through the concept cross Industries,

There is no doubt that, branding and web design, are two key tools on the companies, allowing more sense of belonging not only to the customers but to the employees whose brand message is deeper and more effective talking about branding. about web, allow companies to reach more effectively a wide range of customers no matter where they are.